Department of Plant Biology
  Carnegie Institution for Science
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  Stanford, CA 94305
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Our activities over the last five years have been extremely diverse, crossing over various disciplines. We have explored research areas ranging from identifying new functions associated with photosynthetic processes including proteins involved in the biosynthesis and regulation of the photosynthetic apparatus (assembly of photosystem I, assembly/stability of the cytochrome b6f complex), mechanism(s) of coral bleaching and the impact of temperature and light on the bleaching process, metabolic switching in algae as they transition from oxic to anoxic conditions, the analyses of algae associated with desert crusts, the regulation of sulfur and nitrogen metabolism in green algae and the role of the acidocalcisome in acclimation to a low nutrient environments, the use of atomic force microscopy to probe the structure and dynamics of the photosynthetic apparatus, pathways for photosynthetic electron flow in microbes in marine and fresh water environments and evolutionary events involved in transitioning from an endosymbiotic association to the establishment of an organelle. We have also focused significant effort on generating a more thorough analysis of the Chlamydomonas genome and establishing various methods for examining the transcriptome and the function of proteins involved in photosynthesis and acclimation processes. The work from the laboratory is given in detail in manuscripts listed under publications.