Recent Previous Visiting Scientists and Interns

Preston Fossee 

(Summer Intern: 2015)

Preston worked with Champ during his summer internship. He escaped the cold from Grosse Pointe, MI to have an internship in the sunny California. He is going to University of Michigan for his undergraduate study.

(Summer Intern: 2015)

Zoe worked with Tyler during her summer internship. Although she is originally from Palo Alto, CA, she spent most of the years in Somerville, MA for her undergraduate study in Biology at Tufts University.

(Visiting Scientist: 2015)

Ronald (Ron) worked with Sophie during his Grossman lab visitation. In his postdoctoral research, he developed a process involving the incubation of highly-concentrated microalgal (Nannochloropsis sp.) paste under dark anoxia. The incubation eases the mechanical rupture of the cells, resulting in increased lipid yield upon hexane extraction for biodiesel transesterifcation. In his visitation, he used molecular biology to understand how autophagy or apoptosis can weaken the algae under dark anoxia. Such understanding is critical to biomass downstream processing. Outside of the lab, he enjoys biking to explore Stanford campus and reading comments under Youtube videos.