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Teaching and Industrial Affiliations

Teaching activities - Current:

Once every couple of years

13 lectures in course on algae and fungi


Every time it is offered

Lectures in Plant Molecular Biology


Every other year

Lectures in Plant Biochemistry


Every year

Biology 301: A lecture each year to introduce students to work in my laboratory



Numerous guest lectures in various courses including Plant Biochemistry, Marine Microbiology (Hopkins Marine Station hosted by Alfred Spormann), Plant Molecular Biology


2009, 2012

Freshman course at Stanford University – From Photosynthesis to biofuels; Energy for the Future



One-week-long course in Eilat, Israel – The Acclimation of Photosynthetic Organisms to their Environment


Bioengineering - The GreenCut and Identifying Proteins Critical for Photosynthesis


Ancona Italy – Algal physiology, biochemistry, and genetics – Three lectures: (i) Light and photosynthetic organisms (ii) Acclimation to changing nutrient conditions (iii)The coral reefs and the interaction between an alga and its host

Teaching activities - Past:


Indiana University, Laboratory section of the Physiology Course


1984, 1990

Stanford University, Course on Algae and Fungi (with Sarah Fultz) - 13 lectures each time



Stanford University, Plant Molecular Biology and Plant Biochemistry courses (team taught; Sharon Long, Virginia Walbot, Peter Ray, and Neil Hoffman).  Generally, I give between 5 and 10 lectures a year for various courses in the Biology Department of Stanford University



Helped in organization of several seminar courses. Gave two or three lectures in Biology 301 yearly


1992, 1993

Course on Molecular Biology of Marine Algae (with Lynda Goff and Annette Coleman)

Industrial Affiliations


Joint project with Martek Biosciences Corporation in Columbia, MD.  Molecular manipulation of chromophytic algae to facilitate production of metabolites and specific lipids


Consultant for Exelixis Pharmaceuticals


Martek Inc.


Chief of Genetics, Solazyme: a high level consultant mostly for the biotechnological aspects of working with the algae


Consultant for Applicolor: advice on the use of light for applications in the food industry