Paris along the Seine

Ting, Eva, Alice, Munevver

Devaki Bhaya

Sophie Clowez

Caped Crusader

Party Time

Paradise is on the other side of research

Various members of the labs

The Wrecking (Wrecked) Crew

Alex Groot

Members of the Porphyra Genome Team

Beauty Aids, For Some, From Solazyme

Champ, Munevver, Eva, Rick

You never know what will happen at a thesis defense

The Bhaya and Grossman Laboratories - at their largest

He made it!


Youngest member of the group

Thai Impersonators

Members of the Bhaya and Grossman Laboratories - 2014

Claudia Catalanotti

Ting Xiang

Eva Nowack


Master of the rotors

Mark Heinnickel

A Celebration Symposium in honor of Arthur Grossman 65th Birthday, 2015: Virtual Guestbook